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With the last few weeks of term ahead of us I want you to think about those areas of maths where you need a little extra support or input. Is there something you’re really struggling to understand, or perhaps something you just need a little more help with? Maybe there’s one thing that you just don’t get!

I will look at your replies and try to

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cover as many areas as I can in the coming weeks.This is your chance to speak up and get some extra help…don’t waste it!

Mr Cowen

Port Of Tyne

A few weeks ago we took Year 4 on  a tour of the Port of Tyne. We travelled by coach and were met by the very friendly staff from the port. Our host for the day, Steve, gave us a fascinating presentation about the history of the port dating all the way back to Roman times.

We took a bus tour of the port and our trip finished up on the north side of the river, at the ferry terminal. It was a fascinating and interesting trip and I think this could easily be used as the basis for a topic in future years.

What do the Year fours think about it? How do the Year threes feel now they’ve seen the photos and heard the stroies form their friends?

A New Term

So the summer term has started, our last term together as a class.  What will this term  bring? Mr Fallows has joined us and will be teaching the class for the next few weeks. We have started our new RE topic looking at signs and symbols in Christianity and we hope to be able to organise a trip out as part of this topic. Of course we will continue to work hard in maths and English. I’m confident you will all continue to make excellent progress.

I’d like you to tell me what your hopes and wishes are for the coming term.

Mr Cowen

Haltwistle Film Project

We are all looking forward to next week when we will be working with Haltwistle Film Company to produce a film about the Titanic. The other Year 3/4 classes have been working hard and have produced animations and blue screen films. What will we be doing? I’d love to hear some ideas from the children in class.

I was thinking that we could look at Titanic now, where she is, what she looks like as she sits at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Are there any treasures left on board? What is happeneing to her as the years slip by? How could we find out exactly where she is. Maybe we can film a ‘dive of discovery’.

Of course these are just my ideas, it’s the children’s suggestions that will determine what we do next week.

Either way I’m sure it will be a fantastic week!

Mr Cowen

Rainforest – Play in a Day

Before half term we worked with  a drama group called Konflux Theatre Company to produce a play about the rainforest. As the title suggests, we produced, rehearsed and performed the whole thing in just one day. The children were fabulous, remembering lines, following stage directions and producing a highly entertaining piece of drama. They performed it to parents and to some of the children from Years 1/2 and 5/6.

I’d love to know what the children thought of it, they all certainly seemed to enjoy it!


The First Three Weeks

So, here we are, we’ve completed three weeks in our new class. It seems that we’re quickly getting used to the new timetable and I can already see the children in class approaching their reading and writing activities with enthusiasm. We’ve already read one book as a class, the brilliant ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ by Roald Dahl. The children loved it and showed a really great understanding of the story, the characters AND the medicine! Our new book will start on Monday, I wonder what it will be?

Mr Cowen